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Top Ten Songs to Send You to the Moon (Moon Songs Playlist)

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moon songs playlist

On a cool Minnesota evening in 1986, my astronomy class met on the observatory roof to peer through a large telescope of some sort at Orion, which must have been particularly visible that night. Two friends stood near the edge of the building where the moonlight was its most silver and serenaded the class with a heartfelt rendition of Blue Moon.

The moon, with its bright winking eyes, silent glow, and acres of mystery is an oft wished-for destination, and the locus of many a love song. Now, we’re wishing for the moon as a destination for poetry, and we need your help to take it there.

You can sing Fly Me to the Moon with Rod Stewart while you shuttle over to FedEx to vote for Tweetspeak Poetry to win a small business grant. You can vote once a day through February 23. If we win, we promise a moony thank you poem, and to take another poetry organization to the moon with us. (You can vote for that too.)

Enjoy our playlist of moon songs. It’s fuller than a full moon.

Photo by wonderferret. Creative Commons license via Flickr.


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  1. Moon River, wider than a mile. . .

    I used to play that, when I used to play piano.

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