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Sleuthing the Poem of the Month

Oftentimes, we receive little love notes about Every Day Poems. People get the poems in their inboxes, daily on weekdays. We get emails back:

“I love this poem.”

“Just. Wow.”


And so on. Occasionally, we get several love notes about a particular poem. While the love notes don’t necessarily mean the poem is the most popular poem of the month, such notes suggest the possibility. Ah, but one never knows.

Help us out, then?

Take our Poem of the Month poll, and later we can argue about happily discuss the results.

Poems are so personal. Your poem of the month might never be someone else’s. On the other hand, it will be fun to sometimes see if certain poems really hit a home run in our community.

We’ve put the top 5 we received love notes about. But you can add a favorite if you don’t see your pick. Here goes!

Review the 5 Every Day Poems Before Voting?

Passage, by Maureen Doallas
Food Service, by Laura Brown
Teaching Shakespeare, by Tania Runyan
Library Morgue, by Claire Bateman
Summons, by Anne M. Doe Overstreet

See you next Monday with the results!

Photo by The Travelling Bum, Creative Commons, via Flickr.


  1. says

    Same for me, Deborah. And, of course, we only run poems we love in Every Day Poems.

    So all the poems have resonated (at least for the editors :) ) somehow or they wouldn’t be chosen from the huge world of poetry and given a place in the publication :)

    What I’ll be interested in maybe hearing after the results are in is… what was it that made a particular poem a favorite for people.

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