Tweetspeak Poetry’s Top Ten Posts from the Last Month (or so)

What are we reading at Tweetspeak Poetry? Catch up on the top posts from last month (or so):

10. Using Lists to Prioritise Creativity in Your Diary

using lists to prioritise creativity

What kind of collaboration kills creativity? Collaboration with your life, with your technology, with everyone’s demands. Question is: are you truly collaborating with your own creativity? Claire Burge gives five rules to help you prioritize creativity.

9.  Poetry and Music: A Story that Could Be True

spoken word poetry cello

Speaking of collaboration, this beautiful pairing of poetry and music features William Stafford’s A Story that Could be True and the music of Daniel Sperry.


8. Spin Creativity Book Club: The Darkroom

spin creativity book club

Claire Burge says that “film processing always catches me by surprise. I can’t control the outcome; I can navigate it through its watery birth, but ultimately the picture is what it is, not what I want it to be.”


7. Literary Tour: Poets House, New York City

Poets House Lucille Clifton

Poets House is a place of reclamation, of your past and of your future. Discover how it is possible that the course of your life could be positively altered by walking through these beautiful glass doors and up the silver and golden staircase, into the 50,000-volume poetry library built by donations from poets, translators and publishers.

6. Journey into Poetry: Lakin Easterling

journey into poetry lakin easterling

As a young person, Lakin Easterling fell asleep with the dictionary. Years (and a growing collection of dictionaries) later, she’s still ripping out images or words for the font and pasting them in a journal. Come along as she shares her Journey Into Poetry.

5. Cat Poetry: Grumpy Cat Poems

Grumpy Cat Poems Poetry

Cat poems are sometimes grumpy cat poems. (We are waiting, actually, for the official Grumpy Cat to set up his sidewalk poem-writing stand.) Meanwhile, join us for some cat-alog poems in this fun community poetry prompt.

4. Poets and Writers Toolkit: Big Idea Creativity

Spin Creativity Book Watercolors

Ever seen principles of creativity broken down into the parts of a bike? Nope. You haven’t. Unless you’ve read our creativity book.


3. Spin Creativity Book Club: Creativity Needs Ritual

creativity book club

Did your childhood rituals help form the basis of your creativity? It’s just possible they did. Find out how, in our continuing discussion of Spin.


2. Night Poetry: Playlist and Prompt

Night Poetry Night Poems

One of the best days of the month is when Tweetspeak’s monthly theme is introduced, with a new thematic playlist and poetry prompt. This month’s Night Poetry playlist was one of the most popular posts this month, and if you read the poems by our community in the comments, you’ll see why.

Cats and creativity dominated our top posts this month, which is not so surprising considering what happens when cats start writing poetry and our community talks creativity. Our most popular post in the past month (or so)? A drumroll please:

1. Cat Poetry: Funny Poems by Cats

Funny Poems Cat Poems Cute Cat

This fun poetry prompt asked our community poets to “get inside the mind of a cat.” And they did, from a Socratic cat to a feline take on William Carlos Williams.





Cover photo by Martinak15, Creative Commons license via Flickr. Post photos credited in individual posts.


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    Dang – I missed the chance to submit some of my cat’s poetry. Shadow can really purr when it comes to poetry! My dog Tilly is quite a writer, too. She is the original Dog with a Blog, or at least that’s what I tell my step-sons while they are watching the Disney Channel.

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