Spin: Creativity Book Giveaway!

Our latest title, a creativity book called Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree, is over at Kelly Sauer’s place today. She’s giving away a signed copy of Spin. Don’t miss this chance!

Says Kelly…

“It’s a book you can write in. Paint in. Scribble in, highlight, copy and share. It is a book that will make you laugh and make you cry – it will challenge you and it will give you hope. It is a book of small stories that began with a book of personal lessons, observations of life from one of the most creative people I know. I’ve never seen anything like it, never held a book in my hands that made me feel so free to be me, whatever that meant.

This is Spin, by my friend Claire Burge, photographer, artist, woman, entrepreneur extraordinaire. From her first word, I was captivated. This woman whose every moment is lived in the spin of it all offers inspiration from the depth of a heart that knows what real life is and refuses to settle for anything less. Her stories guide her readers to explore their own stories, and to tap into the desire that drives and expands their innate creativity.”

Check out the giveaway today. Or buy a copy of Spin on Amazon now.

Photo by Kelly Sauer.


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