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Book Club Announcement: Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree


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I feel like I’m in on a big, exciting secret.

And like I’m being really sneaky to let you in on it too.

In our November book club, we’ll be getting into the mind of productivity expert Claire Burge with her new illustrated release, Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree.

From the back of the book:

Spin-Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree“Creativity is a process, not a product. You begin in places you don’t understand as beginnings. You circle around, gathering experiences and insights. Over time, you spin: a tale, a product, a satisfying life.

Sometimes your outcome is simple enjoyment of the process itself. Sometimes it is the realization of a dream or the building of a business. You decide. Or the structure of your life decides.

In Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree, you’ll get inside the process of a productivity expert who understands both the mysterious and technical natures of creativity. Lively memoir reveals the mystery, while numerous exercises and helpful lists like ’12 Ways of Capturing Creativity on the Go’ and ‘How to Break Down a Large Creative Idea’ make creativity something you can decide to structure for specific outcomes.

Filled with surprising, thoughtful, often amusing stories, and illustrated from journal-sized cover to cover, Spin will delightfully give you what you need—to take your creativity to the nth degree.”

You’ll join us? Order your copy of Spin now, and come along for an exciting merry-go-round ride with creativity, beginning Wednesday, November 6.

November 6: Chapters 1-10
November 13: Chapters 11-20
November 20: Chapters 21-30
November 27: Chapters 31-39

Illustrations by Brian Dixon. Post by Lyla Willingham Lindquist.


spin creativity book cup
Spin-Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree

Buy Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree now and join us for our  new book club discussion beginning
November 6.

Spin—An Illustrated Print Edition, Journal Sized, $19.95

Spin—An Illustrated PDF Edition, $11.99

Your Comments

7 Comments so far

  1. L. L. Barkat says:

    Getting ready to spin :)

    Hoping that some of the spinning involves sitting down ;-)

  2. Claire Burge says:

    laugh out loud …

    you’ll have to wait and see ;)

  3. nance.mdr says:

    on the wind
    gathered in
    lifted twirling
    set free


    i’m in.

  4. Lane says:

    I’m in

    Ready to spin
    A web thin
    Silvered sliver
    Glittering river
    Spicy like cumin
    Listening in
    Again begin
    Find within
    Creativity’s quiver.

    Claire’s a great giver…
    she’ll surely deliver

    Excitement makes me shiver…

  5. So much goodness coming out of Tweetspeak Poetry, so little time. :) Book clubs and workshops and posts, oh my. I want to just go find a little corner and marinate in the flow of creativity coming from this rich source.

    Just order my copy and bing, its on my IPAD. The love hate relationship with the kindle app continues.


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