Twitter Poetry: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

We spend a lot of time on Twitter. (We’re Tweetspeak Poetry, right?) In fact, we figure we read thousands of tweets every month. One of the things poetry and Twitter have in common (when done well) is an economy of words. Sometimes, it so happens we read a tweet and say to ourselves, “That’s poetry.” Maybe it’s not a poem, but it’s a poetic thing. A way of using words well.

We want to take notice.

Here are ten of the best poetic tweets we’ve seen in the last few weeks:























Bonus tweet, because we couldn’t pass this one up:


Photo by Lucia Whittaker, Creative Commons license via Flickr.

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    • L. L. Barkat says

      Soofia, hi there :)

      We find the tweets while we’re on Twitter. If you’re interested in catching our attention, go ahead and follow @Edaypoems and @tspoetry and when you tweet a poem you can use the hashtag #tsptry. We’ll catch sight of it, and if it’s a fit, we’d be happy to feature! :)

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