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A Garage Full of Cats

I used to tell stories about my cat — really, it’s the only good thing I got from her. She was a stray, abandoned (maybe unintentionally) by her mother while her eyes were still disarmingly blue and her toes were still webbed. She was pitiful enough that one would never have guessed her eyes would soon morph into an evil yellow and she would grow deadly claws from those tiny webbed toes (and use them without mercy).

But the cat stories really started a few years before that, with her mother.

She was a charcoal gray cat with mangy hair hanging off her protruding ribs. She wandered up and down the cul de sac with a smaller white and black cat in similar miserable condition. We guessed the smaller cat had one day emerged from her oft occupied womb. As winter approached, my family members took pity on the cats, and unbeknownst to me, started setting out food and water in the garage.

The cats were given names, catchy as they were: Mommy Kitty and Baby Kitty. Soon enough, a bed space was created for them as well, with a cushion and warm blankets. On particularly cold nights, a big orange Tom (who quickly became known as Daddy Kitty) would crash the garage with his Drinking Buddies and the New Girlfriend.

They’d all bunk together like happy feline families are known to do.

I had visions of growing old in a house full of cats (all offspring of the mangy Mommy Kitty and her many-timing orange Tom), and spending my final days surrounded in my living room recliner by litter boxes and tuna cans piled as high as my chest, a world speckled in cat dander in which I never meant to live.

Cats can do that to a person.

An Internet Full of Cats

And nothing, it seems, can turn a smile so quickly–even for a non-cat lover–as cats doing adorable or ridiculous things on the internet. WordCandy is happy to help you grow your Internet Cat Quotient with a new selection of cat photos and quotes. And these cats are guaranteed not to shed, they’re already declawed, and they keep their litter boxes discreetly out of the way.

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WordCandy is Full of Cats

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Photo by akk-rus, Creative Commons license via Flickr. Post by Lyla Willingham Lindquist.


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  1. L. L. Barkat says

    “a big orange Tom (who quickly became known as Daddy Kitty) would crash the garage with his Drinking Buddies and the New Girlfriend.”

    Totally made me smile :)


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