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Fiction Jumpstart Workshop Fall 2013


Fiction Jumpstart Open Book

WORKSHOP NOW CLOSED: Contact Us to be put on a waiting list for future workshops

Dream of writing the breakout novel?

You need to start somewhere. The Fiction Jumpstart workshop will help you:

1. establish a strong writing practice and explore the principles of fiction

2. teach you the power of details

3. help you develop rich characters

4. get you exploring the tricks of plot

5. hone your approach to story structure

6. assist you in creating life-like dialog

7. allow you to play with point of view

8. give you tips on how to be a writer in the marketplace

Basic Course Approach in an Online Classroom

You’ll complete exercises related to the topic of the week and submit for general discussion to the online classroom. In addition, you’ll be working on drafts of either short fiction, a novella, or the beginning of a novel—which will be submitted for workshopping amongst members and the instructor. There is no set class-time, as the private online classroom is available at all hours for your access to assignments and commenting.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a catalog of prompts for future use; exercises you completed, to highlight your journey; and a clean draft of a short story or the beginning of a novella or a novel.

October 21 – December 16 (8 Weeks) • Class limited to 10 participants

Fiction Jumpstart workshop with author Anthony Connolly. Anthony is a best-selling novelist, award-winning journalist, and was named one the twelve best creative nonfiction bloggers in America. He has a PhD in English from the University of Missouri and holds an MFA in Writing from Goddard College. Annie Dillard called his debut novel “poetic.”

For You

Private online group setting and all class materials, including a free digital copy of The Novelist: A Novella, are included in the price.

What Our Workshop Participants Have Said

Darrelyn Saloom: I signed up for the Fiction Jumpstart class at a crazy/busy time. What was I thinking? With all the chaos in my life, I am so happy I did. I would NEVER have completed a 3,000 word short story without Anthony. It was wonderful to have his guidance and feedback. And I am so pleased with the result.

Elizabeth W. Marshall: I think it is important and appropriate to pause and say kudos and thank you. The Writing Life Workshop wildly exceeds my expectations. It is extremely well-thought-through with regards to content. The online classroom system provides a fabulous set up for both content, assignments and feedback. This is life changing as a writer.

Brad Grout: I am personally getting so much out of this memoir workshop…you people are AMAZING!

Lane Arnold: I struck gold. An afternoon session of writing poetry is good for the soul. Poetry Workshop is a catalyst to creativity.

Lexanne Leonard: The most important step I’ve taken is to join Tweetspeak’s Poetry Workshop 2013 with Anne Doe Overstreet. I cannot begin to thank Tweetspeak, Anne, and my fellow students for this journey.

Sandra Heska King: This was absolutely the single best whim I’ve followed.

Fiction Jumpstart Workshop • 8 weeks, $350 • BUY NOW


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