WordCandy Sweet Blogger Roundup


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Every month, our faithful sweetness-loving friends mix together bowl after bowl of delicious WordCandy quotes and photos to share with their friends and the world.

We’re featuring a handful of their sweet dreams, jelly bean jazz and hope confections from August and September for you here. Stop by their sites and savor a little sweetness for yourself.

Karin Fendick: The Other Side of the Door

Sheila Lagrand: Weekend Reflection: Love Doings

Donna Falcone: Boiling Away

word candy sara teasdale quote

Leah Jamielynn: Listening for the Future

Sheila Lagrand: Weekend Reflection: Unquenchable

Karin Fendick: In Pieces

Donna Falcone: Tenacious

Here’s what a few of our  users have to say about WordCandy:

wordcandy julia cameron quoteStill happily passing the sweets around, binging at times; still loving the sweetness, the surprises, the little bites to share with others. –Karin Fendick

I’ve snacked on words all my life. Thanks for this rich source of goodies. –Sheila Lagrand

Try using a WordCandy quote and photo as poetry writing prompt.

You could craft something brand new from the image, or use the line in a poem, like this from the Adrienne Rich line, “Listening for the future” from her 21 Love Poems:

wordcandy adrienne rich quote

It is a deep
and urgent


for the      future

Want to try your own WordCandy?

Stop by WordCandy at Tweetspeak for ready-made candies of all kinds right out of the Tumblr that you can share with a click, or go to WordCandy.me to choose and wrap your own.

Photo by R’yleh Imaging. Creative Commons license via Flickr. Post by Lyla Willingham Lindquist.


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