Ten Great Writing Playlists & Poetry Prompts

Do you have a favorite playlist you listen to while you write poetry?

Or maybe you listen to different music, depending on whether you’re writing fiction, memoir, a news article. Every month we introduce another great themed writing playlist to help you get your poetry — or any other piece of writing you’re working on — started. Here are ten of our favorites:

1. Rock ‘n Roll Poetry Playlist

Put on your blue suede shoes and get ready for a solid four-on-the-floor beat with our Rock ‘n Roll playlist. Might help you write in a particular meter (or make it downright impossible). You’ll find Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and more.

2. Mirror Mirror Writing Playlist

Our Mirror Mirror Writing Playlist might be perfect for a memoir piece you’re writing. Kick off a season of deep, brooding introspection with songs from Whiskeytown, Jill Andrews and Death Cab for Cutie.

3. Rain-Themed Poetry Playlist

You’ll find this themed writing playlist–featuring artists from Adele to Creedence Clearwater Revival to Willie Nelson–to be right as rain for those days you need to find a steady rhythm and keep writing.

4. Oh, Mr. Darcy: Pride and Prejudice Playlist

Writing a period piece? Or just refilling the writer tank with an afternoon of reading? Pull out your Jane Austen and listen to our Pride and Prejudice Playlist.

5. Coffee and Tea Poetry Playlist

Even if you’ve had your caffeine allotment for the day, you can drink all the coffee and tea you want with our Coffee and Tea Poetry Playlist. All the inspiration with none of the caffeine from Frank Sinatra, The Kinks and Cat Stevens.

6. Wine and Beer Writing Playlist

The sun is setting and you’re done with caffeine for the day. Pour yourself a cold one from our Wine and Beer Playlist while you write into the evening with Johnny Cash, Queen and the Civil Wars.

7. The Poet Playlist

Of course we’d have a playlist simply named “The Poet” in our poetry playlist collection. The Poet Playlist is a carefully crafted series of couplets featuring musicians such as Madeleine Peyroux and Woody Guthrie and poets William Carlos Williams and Charles Bukowski.

8. The Pantoum Playlist

We feel very confident saying that we think Tweetspeak Poetry is the only place on the Internet where you’re going to find a playlist built around the pantoum poetry form.

9. Purple and Indigo Poetry Playlist

If your writer’s block has you in a purple funk, our Purple and Indigo Poetry Playlist ought to snap you right out of it with songs from Prince, the Indigo Girls and favorite Nina Simone.

10. Valentine’s Playlist

Our Valentine’s Playlist is perfect for any day you’re feeling a little bit romantic. Eric Clapton, Lyle Lovett and Sam Cooke will have you writing more love poems than you could shake a dozen red roses at.

Bonus playlist: My Funny Valentine

Just because it’s great fun, we’re throwing in our Funny Valentine Playlist as a bonus. Dean Martin, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty might not help you focus on your writing project, but they might give you a pleasant break from that brooding introspection the Mirror Mirror list inspired.

Photo by Parksy1964, Creative Commons license via Flickr.


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  1. says

    Oh this is so wonderful. I am so excited to explore these playlists. Today is a day of writing and music. I cherish this post and will delve into them, savoring as I go and matching them with my mood. You all rock :) Going to share on Twitter. More and more you all are a source of swoon-worthy goodness :)


  1. […] I just interrupted myself to turn on streaming music from my Clapton station in the adjacent room, after the sound inexplicably refused to work on my writing engine here in the kitchen. It’s too bad, because now I don’t hear the bell ding on my Focusbooster app, and I don’t realize when 25 minutes of focused work ends and I’m entitled to a dork-around-online-somewhere-for-five-minutes break. I just worked through another one.) I don’t always work with music, but today I’m trying to drown out the cicadas and crickets (which sound more like some sort of electric power takeover of my back yard) and Tom Waits just can’t rasp out Jersey Girl’s “sha la la la la la” loudly enough. What do you need for background noise? A new study tested the correlation between noise levels and creative thinking. Bottom line, for many, a perfect mix of distracting-but-not-too-distracting “background noise boosted their creative thinking,” which  is thought to explain why coffee shops are such a popular workspace. If you can’t get out, this article offers a handful of ambient noise options online, including a coffee shop noise loop, white noise and rain. And music is your kind of background noise, let us point you to ten great writing playlists. […]

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