WordCandy Sweet Blogger Roundup: Star Trek Style

With the release of the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness last month (or was it the month before?), we introduced a new category of sweet Star Trek WordCandy quotes. Now, I don’t know if they ate candy on board the Starship Enterprise, but it seems if I were asked to spend endless months flying through space without at least the occasional chocolate, I’d start to feel like I was suffering from a Vulcan Mind Meld.

Not ones to leave me languishing over the space log for too long, our WordCandy Sweet Bloggers went right to work, sharing galactically sweet goodies. Here’s a sampling of their work from May and June:

Leah James: Some How 

Karin Fendick: To Be Brave

Darrelyn Saloom: June Bugs

Sheila Lagrand: All New

Elizabeth Marshall: Perhaps

Donna Falcone: Rumi Lollies for Breakfast

Heather Truett: Chance

Lane Arnold: Sea Sense

Leah James: Leah et Poe

Karin Fendick: Creative Blend

Donna Falcone: Dropping Poems

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Cover photo  by McGladdery. Creative Commons via Flickr.


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      Oh no. That would be illogical. According to my calculations, IF space was void of chocolate, AND LL Barkat went to space THEN chocolate would be in space from that point on. 😉

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