Last Month’s Top Ten Posts on Tweetspeak Poetry

What are we reading at Tweetspeak Poetry? Catch up on the top posts from last month:

10. The Poet’s Son: Ai Weiwei – Charity Singleton Craig explores Ai Weiwei’s exhibit “According to What?” pondering the question of what it is that makes a thing “art.”

9. Mirror, Mirage: A Poetry Prompt – Can you tell the difference between mirror and mirage? Do you follow false reflections or true? Seth Haines and the Tweetspeak community explore the poetry in mirages.

8. Writing in Place: Where Are You From? – If you’re a writer, it’s good to know where you’re from. When Barbara writes, we know where she’s from. And it’s not the Ukraine.

7. The Poetree: An Afternoon Well Spent – Kimberlee Conway Ireton shows how creating a “poetree” can do what poetry at its best does: calls attention to the present, the beauty and joy and wonder and gut-wrenching glory of it.

6. Creativity: Falling in Love – When Sandra Heska King took Tweetspeak’s Creativity Workshop with poet and scientist Kathryn Neel, she sure didn’t expect to fall in love with a dead man.

5. How to Read a Poem: A Field Guide – Using Billy Collins’ “How to Read a Poem” as a field guide, Tania Runyan talks about the art of reading poetry.

4. How to Read a Poem: Listen – Which seems more adventurous to you? Reading a poem aloud (at least three times) or holding your ear to a beehive? Tania Runyan wants you to do both.

3. This Week’s Top Ten Poetic Picks: Internet Cats Edition – Cats, poetry, and the Internet go together like coffee and caffeine. Lyla Willingham Lindquist has a special Top Ten Poetic Picks edition dedicated to the ubiquitous Internet cat.

2. Survivor: The Editorial Version – If a writer is resilient, a writer might survive on the island with nothing but a sentence and a half. A behind-the-scenes look at the editorial process with L.L. Barkat and Laura Boggess.

And, a drumroll please, the top post at Tweetspeak in the last month is a little story about a little bitty dare with magnificent implications:

1. Operation: Poetry Dare – Are you brave enough to take the Poetry Dare? Nancy Franson is. Find out what happens when she experiments with consuming a poem a day.

Photo by the_steve_cox. Creative Commons via Flickr.


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