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WordCandy Sweet Bloggers: Spring Sugar Peeps


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There was a bit of a commotion at dinner the other night when it was discovered — by way of unsolicited confession — that someone had absconded with a peep belonging to a different someone.

The marshmallow kind of peep, at once glittering seduction and sensory abomination.

It was snatched from the freezer, for holiday legend holds that the fluffy but phony chick’s most savory qualities are enhanced at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. As the confession unfolded, we were asked to believe that preserving the confection in such a state of frigidity made resisting temptation impossible. In fact, there may have been a moral obligation imposed to sever the head, then the tail, of the perky hen masquerading as a sort of arts and craft project gone inedibly awry.

It was, as detailed in the brief, a matter of justice.

In a sweet twist of springtime fate, WordCandy has its own new line of Spring Sugar Peeps. No hidden ingredients. No strange chemicals. No worries that someone took the jar of glitter and Elmer’s glue to your bag of Jet Puff marshmallows. Just beautiful new springtime images paired with great quotes and poetry lines.

And if someone sneaks yours out of the freezer, you don’t have to retaliate by throwing jelly bird eggs. You can just pop (or hop) on back to WordCandy and grab yourself another. We have ready-made candies lined up behind our WordCandy Tumblr candy counter, or if you like the fun of building your own, visit us at WordCandy the App.

Thanks to our Sweet Bloggers for sharing Spring Sugar Peeps and all kinds of other sugar crazy love all month long. Here’s what some of them are saying:

wordcandy sapLove it! Great things to post quickly on my blog or Facebook page when I’m stuck. Wonderful ready-made inspiration and writing prompts. — Shawna Ervin

So much fun! Love the choices of images. – Sheila Lagrand

I continue to love the addition of beautiful images and more stirring words, poetic and deep. — Holly Grantham

wordcandy settleThe sweetness flows deep, we share it wide. — Karin Fendick

I can always find a Word Candy to fit the situation. Love the spring images and quotes. Inspiring. — Lexanne Leonard

You know me… I’m a sucker for WordCandy! I love the new images and quotes that keep popping up – really special. Friends on my facebook page always like the WordCandy I post. – Donna Falcone

I have really enjoyed this! — Heather Truett

I love it and I would not like the [Sweet Blogger] experience to end after this April. — Leah James

Take a look at these candies shared this month by our Sweet Bloggers:

wordcandy bud

Leah James That’s Better than Never

Monica Sharman Reminder

Heather Truett Behind the Poems

Donna Falcone April!

Lexanne Leonard Crossroads

Karin Fendick Something Started

Holly Grantham Pieces of Me

Sheila Lagrand Thank Who

wordcandy poetsDarrelyn Saloom In the Beginning

Shawna Ervin Unfold My Life to a New Beginning

Elizabeth Marshall Airing Out the Soul

Chris Yokel If My Poetry Aims to Achieve Anything

If we missed you, drop us a note in the comments. And Leah? You can keep sharing sweetness long after April comes and goes.

Photo by AZAdam, Creative Commons license via Flickr. Post by Lyla Willingham Lindquist.


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    [...] And just because poking fun at Peeps is fun, last week’s WordCandy sweet blogger roundup [...]

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