The Ticket Counter: National Poetry Month

A ticket lets you in somewhere. On one side of some tickets it even says, “Admit one.” Like a poem, a ticket is small, often colorful and valuable, allowing entrance to a special place.

—Susan Wooldridge

At Tweetspeak Poetry, we know you want in to the special experience of National Poetry Month. We also know it can be hard to find the particular show (ride, train) that might be your best bet. So we’re happy to be your ticket counter, where you can find a way in (on). All month long, we’ll be searching for cool tickets to hand you. As we find them, we’ll update this post, which you’ll always be able to access from the sidebar (the counter :) )

Are you ready? Tickets!

Ticket to National Poetry Month by Double-M

Read a Poem a Day

• VQR’s Tumblr Instapoems. Poems on pictures, for National Poetry Month. We think this is worth doing all year long.

• Subscribe to our beautiful, themed poetry Daily. A new approach to the genre of poetry dailies, Every Day Poems includes hand-picked art and photography, to make your mornings peaceful and happy. Also, each month, it offers poems on a theme or form—great resource for teachers, writing groups, or to inspire your personal growth and delight.

Try this new way to read a poem a day. Just $5.99 for a year of happy mornings.

• The Boston Review is running a poem a day during National Poetry Month. Excellent language and imagery. Here’s a sample from “String Theory”

Try again. Embroider the earth’s arc of belly rising
to fold into mountain. If you lay your head table-side,
a stream trickles out, over rocks, into lunar heights…

Ticket to National Poetry Month by Double-M

Write a Poem a Day

• Try our poetry writing prompts or if you’d rather phone your poem, try our fun and simple Phone Poets project

• Check out our book Inspired: 8 Ways to Write Poems You Can Love

• Writer’s Digest Poem a Day Challenge. Led by Robert Lee Brewer. He’s giving you prompts and writing too. Here’s a sample from his “write a bright poem; write a dark poem challenge”…

…right white
knights don’t exist
not even in this dark kingdom

ever afters
slide under the bright
sun measuring men like maps

Ticket to National Poetry Month by Double-M

Group Activities

• Twitter Party! (Did you miss the party? No worries. Mashup poems to come.)

• poemcrazy bookclub. Susan Wooldridge will be dropping in to greet you. Bookclub starts this Wednesday. Come along, even if you still need to purchase poemcrazy

Ticket to National Poetry Month by Double-M


• Win two nights in NYC’s Library Hotel poetry room. Tweet your haiku.

• NPR Twitter Poetry: tweet your poems to NPR Tell Me More and maybe get featured

Ticket to National Poetry Month by Double-M


• Powell’s Poetry Madness. Just plain fun. Vote for your favorite poets, dead or alive. Read the disclaimers. We smiled. These people at Powell’s are a little bit crazy, which we love.

• It’s entertainment when the U.S. Postal Service gets in on National Poetry Month, right? In the hands of The Rumpus, yes.

• watch a poetry movie

• Record a Poem with The Poetry Foundation. Let us know if you do; share your link here. We’d love to feature some in our popular column Top 10 Poetic Picks

Feel free to share with us, if you find intriguing National Poetry Month projects or activities. We might even add them to our ticket counter. Check back here for updates too. It’s going to be a fun trip.

Complimentary ticket photo by Double M, Creative Commons, via Flickr. Chihuly Tickets photo by Fifth World Art, Creative Commons, via Flickr.



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