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WordCandy Sweet Bloggers December Roundup

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I live in the wild, wild west. Sometimes, associates on one of our fair coasts will ask me if we have indoor plumbing. And paved roads. And covered wagons.

To prove we are every bit as sophisticated as our urban friends, I saddled up the horse and threw on leather chaps, grabbing a length of red licorice rope to round up this month’s WordCandy Sweet Bloggers. (I must tell the truth. I don’t have a horse. But I do have a red snowblower parked smack in the middle of my still grass-covered back yard, and it worked just as well.)

At the old fashioned pie social just yesterday in the town square, I overheard the following from our sweet WordCandy users:

I have enjoyed the addition of new photos as well as the plethora of new quotes available. Every time I visit, there is something new which definitely makes me want to come back for more. (Holly Grantham)

I enjoy the quickness of sending a little treat to someone! (Karin Fendick)

I had a blast completing this “assignment” to send candies out to five people. (Sheila Lagrand)

I like the little clips of creativity. (Heather Truett)

I adore it and all its sweetness. (Leah Jamielynn)

I’m loving the new quotes and photos! (Erica Hale)

We filled up our saddle bags with your goodies on our 100 Sweet Bloggers Pinterest board. And we’re delighted to feature these tasty sweets from your blog posts last week. We loved the way you used a WordCandy to prompt poetry, a short blog post, or just stand alone in all its candy cane sweetness, especially with all the new holiday quotes and images.

Lane Arnold: Alert for Betweens

Holly Smothers Grantham: Hope

Karin Fendick: Juggling Sweet

Elizabeth Marshall: Tell Me We Can Wait a While

Megan Willome: On Not Rhyming

Shawna Ervin: Do You Treasure Your Work?

Sandra Heska King: Stunned Children

Monica Sharman: Until

Heather Truett: Wonderful

Sheila Lagrand: Hopeful Waiting

Connie Mace: Advent Hope

Leah Jlynn: Empty Glass

Donna Falcone: Happy December!

Erica Hale: Word Candy…

Chris Yokel: Many Colored Fire

Charity Singleton: Deep Peace

Lyla Willingham Lindquist: Between the Verses

Matthew Kreider: Thinking too Much

Diana Trautwein: Something Sweet for December

If we missed you in our roundup, please accept our dark chocolate-coated apologies and leave a comment with a link to your post. Watch for your next reminder letter for the super sugar-sharing day on January 1. Be sure to follow the link in your letter to upload your feedback and your post link for feature here so we don’t miss your soft nougat centers. And in the meantime, satisfy your sweet tooth by sharing and posting WordCandies all month long.

Please message us on Facebook if you have any issues or feedback on the app. And be sure to follow WordCandy on Twitter and Pinterest too!

Photo by Jack Fussell. Creative Commons license via Flickr. 


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Your Comments

5 Comments so far

  1. The virtual dentist is in!

  2. Lyla

    I want a picture of you lassoing that red snowblower with your lengthy licorice rope. . . after the snow falls and before you’ve moved it from the center of the yard.

  3. What did I do before and Tweetspeak, what a fun group of people. I am pinching myself at the sweet discovery. You all sweeten my world and I am sending Wordcandy for birthday gifts now. Wonderful. Loving the Christmas wordcandies. What are we calling them….. wordcandies? Please help this word weaver use the right wording.

  4. L. L. Barkat says:

    Lyla… Ha :)

    What kind of pie did you eat at the social? ;-)

    Elizabeth, as long as you don’t pinch us, we’re good. ;-) So glad to have you here for the fun. Sure, wordcandies is a fine confectioners term.

  5. Oh! I was just posting for January and I noticed I wasn’t on December’s list. So sorry not to have caught it sooner. Must have been a busy month. :)

    Here is the link to my blog for last month’s candy and poem:

    I didn’t fill out the form last month. That may have been the problem. Oops!

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