Make it a Poetry Holiday

At Tweetspeak Poetry, we’ve got a few easy ways for you to bring poetry to your holidays.

1. Watch for our upcoming Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year’s category at WordCandy

WordCandy is a free, fun way to send holiday greetings. Lots of poetry quotes to choose from and pair with beautiful photography. (Check out some of our Thanksgiving samples to see what we mean. Traditional quotes and greetings also included)

2. Start reading a poem a day

It will make you a better writer and a more discerning reader. (True, even though we joke about it in a poetry infographic.) This December, our monthly theme is haiku. You might be surprised about what qualifies (we’ve got a two-liner we can’t wait to share)

3. Give the gift of poetry

Watch for our upcoming holiday poetic picks list. Or start now with a title from T.S. Poetry Press. Our novella The Novelist even has a generous sprinkling of poetry.

We can’t wait to do poetry with you this December. Got more ideas on how to do poetry this holiday? We’d love to hear about them.


Buy a year of Every Day Poems, just $2.99— Read a poem a day, become a better writer. In November we’re exploring the theme Surrealism.

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