Image-ine: Paired Off

visual poetry

Paired Off

They say opposites attract.
I say we’re proof that theory

works. I do his seeing for him
—no blind leading the blind

in this relationship. And look!
We could be framed, we’re

paired so well, his shoulder
meeting mine where I slide

in close; his left hand gripping
low, my right up high, both of us

angling for perfect symmetry.


Try your hand?

Write a poem of your own, based on the painting by Evy Lareau or choose a line from Maureen’s poem as a starting place. Post on your blog and link to us (we love that), or just drop your poems here in the comment box.


We recently featured part of an interview with Evy Lareau about her work as an art instructor in a correctional facility. Maureen posted the rest of that interview at her Writing Without Paper yesterday.

Image of Brian and Jenn by Evy Lareau. Used with permission. Visit her website to see other paintings. Poem by Maureen E. Doallas, author, Neruda’s Memoirs: Poems.


  1. Laurie Flanigan says

    Seeing Together

    You choose comparative dusk
    Above my wide-eyed
    Foot-forward gait.

    You contemplate
    Every stride.
    I hide one foot

    Back waiting for
    You to draw me
    In like breath. We watch

    The strength of
    Our exhale spread over
    Us like wool.

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