Image-ine: Cerulean


She Breathes Cerulean

Aquarelle runs deep within the lines of her.
She breathes cerulean. . .
Floating transparent, in the tides of time.

“She Breathes Cerulean”, original watercolor and poem by Michelle “Shell” Rummel. © Shell Rummel, of Shell Artistree. Designs and collections: Shell Rummel Fine Art & Licensing.
Cerulean Full by Michelle Rummel

Try your hand?

Write a poem of your own, based on the painting by Rummel, or the phrase “within the lines of her.” Post on your blog and link to us (we love that), or just drop your poems here in the comment box.


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  1. Jon Lewis says

    I wrote two short poems

    amidst the tendrils
    almejas cluster
    close our eyes and mouth,
    seamless stream
    open/gushing life
    stone skin parting
    labile lips and tongue
    tucked away and hidden

    swirling salty whispery voice swirling
    twisted vines knotted strands twisted
    mouth on mouth tasting always tasting
    pulling fingers interlaced pulling
    caressing the azure light caressing
    sighing sea softly sighing

  2. says

    Palm Reading

    She counts her blessings
    within the lines of her palm.

    Length, she’d heard once, has
    nothing to do with living close

    to the edge. Her heart’s line
    ends in a knot of branches,

    and her head line, extending far
    beyond the middle of her palm,

    pays a ransom to ambition. She
    quarrels with all the tiny nicks

    the reader finds, some indivisible
    number she discovered could be

    used to retrace the ground already
    covered in that wide stretch

    between thumb and index finger.
    Her life line starts high enough

    but just before the gentle curve
    near the wrist she sees the chains

    invisible to others whose own
    break at the forks on their hands

    or double up like soul mates.
    Deep in the center of her palm

    lies fate’s sinuous slant, and there
    on the side underneath the pinky,

    two long love marks. Intuition’s
    prominence tells her nothing more

    about three bracelets the reader
    sees, or the many lines she’ll travel

    where a crescent moon lingers,
    a lover’s shield, her Girdle of Venus.

  3. says

    This is so lovely…It is always an honor to share my art and it’s particularly fulfilling when it is with the Poetry/writing community. Really enjoying the poetry that is being shared here, perhaps inspired by my brushstrokes/words.

    Warm thanks to Tspoetry for the beautiful feature…Such a pleasure! Thanks so much, Maureen, for always being so supportive of my art, my path. I appreciate that you thought to include me here. Your poem, Palm Reading, gave me goosebumps, but then again, your words often do. I know a thing or two about edges and lines…For me there is strong resonance within the lines of your words and I hope you will understand if I hold this one close.

    Smiles to you, dear Brian, for standing by my side…such a solid friend you are to many. Your words, consistent, real and raw, always mean so much.

    And Jon, you’re name is new to me, but I can tell you that I loved what you wrote, particularly the second poem which is filled with beautiful, vivid imagery that speaks so deeply to me [sighing sea softly sighing]…I love the way it sounds when read aloud. Just wonderful.

    Thanks again…you have all made my day:)

    • says

      How fitting that I have been seaside…Just now, back home and enjoying so much, what each of you see… Thank you, again, for this lovely opportunity to share my art.

  4. Kay Kinghammer says


    by Kay Kinghammer

    Burnt sienna creeps through the crevices of your knuckles,
    Madder rose flushes your palm,
    Chartreuse grows under your fingernails
    Along with lime and orange, there,
    Where with palette knife and sponges and thumb
    You throw your whole self
    Into your painting –
    An abstract landscape –
    Perhaps your soul, perhaps a world
    Only you can envision,
    Shared, and living here
    In a forgotten corner of my heart.

    “Did you ever, do you still, love me?”

    You reply with a wave of cerulean blue
    Placed precisely in the center of your painting.

    • says

      You have to commit to Cerulean Blue…it’s a definitive color. You feel it in your bones or not at all…~ Enjoyed your Colors, Kay~

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