May Play: Results

afternoon delight

May Play began with a chance-conversation with the owner of a candy shop. I asked her if she liked poetry. After all, Every Day Poems was running a month-long theme on Candy.

As it turns out, she does like poetry.

In fact, Danae Bell agreed to donate a box of gourmet chocolates for May Play. Many thanks to The Nut Shoppe of Goshen, Indiana.

May Play was about two things. First, it was about sharing why you love your subscriptions to Every Day Poems. Sandra Brower’s decadent explanation on her blog earned her a special box of sweetness.

Second, May Play was about playing with the words from other writer’s poems. We wrote found poems and shared them via tweets and posts. I asked Lane Arnold to record audio for the poem she posted in response to “Breaking it Off: Letter from Anne Sexton” by Maureen Doallas. She placed hers in the comment box. Megan Willome tweeted a short poem using words from “Coated” by L.L. Barkat. The audio for both of these poems will be featured in tomorrow’s Top 10 Poetic Picks.

We loved your playful and personal participation last month. But it’s not over. June Jazz is already underway. We’re still reading and listening to every post and tweet.

And all that jazz.

Photo by Darwin Bell. Creative Commons, via Flickr. Post by Matthew Kreider.


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  1. L. L. Barkat says

    Oh, do thank the chocolate shoppe poetry-loving-woman-and-sweets-maker for her generosity.

    Sweet indeed. :)

  2. says

    i can’t do chocolate either…where is that cat…and it better have a very long tail. now really…would coffee any of you coffee-snarfing chocolate-eaters blame me for kissin’ a stranger…i didn’t think so.

  3. says

    Monica – You can always get your fix via their web site, unless you *really* want to visit downtown Goshen. If you come, though, I promise to buy you a truffle. :)

  4. says

    Sandra Brower was pretty excited when I told her she had won. She’s never won anything before, she told me. I’m glad her introduction to the world of winning started here at Tweetspeak. And with the wonderful help of Danae Bell at The Nut Shoppe! :)

  5. Sandra Brower says

    Must be another Sandra Brower. :) Maybe the other Sandra Brower will share the chocolatey goodness!! LOL

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