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Above theTree Tops w

Studio Day

Lyrics like lavender
lines lifting towards the sky
painting gives new heights
above the tree tops
sunlight moves across the room
then scratching sounds
flying moth wings at the window
tunes that pull on heartstrings

Art and poem by Robin Maria Pedrero.


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  1. I fell in love with that very first line, “Lyrics like lavender.” I think my heart rate rose a little when I saw it.

  2. Monica THANK YOU!!! I am so humbled.

  3. So pleased to see Robin’s lovely work featured here.

  4. I’m with Monica. That first line is simply beautiful. And I love your painting, Robin!

  5. Kimberlee,

    Thank you. I am sure yo uare all familiar with the lovely spark of inspiration…re the first line..then I keep painting all through the day and wish for that lavender line to carry me through yet although the moment is timeless it’s ben a whole day of painting and my alarm clock is the beating of the moths wings against my studio windows – all true – it’s sometimes a little eerie sounding as they scratch at my window and startle me.

  6. Tania Runyan says:

    That painting is breathtaking!

  7. Susan Muckenfuss says:

    This is just beautiful……poem and painting

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