Image-ine: Child Poet

child_poet by Shelley Kommers Luna

She Grew Up to Be a Poet

More angel than Medusa,
      no temple serpents licking

clean her ears of dark words’
      fates, no ill- or fork-tongued

Cassandra she, the child hears
      her future sure: swirls of stuttered

combinations of letters unstrung,
      her own sweet-voiced Calliope

cajoling the spells of imagination’s
      epic rides through landscapes hued

in green, metered in dotted staccato riffs.
      Her paper tablet harnessed loose,

she plucks her language branch
      till bare, verses stacked on back

of butterflies, their wings ink-dipped,
      rendering impressions silent.

Illustration by Shelley Kommers Luna. Used with permission. Poem by Maureen Doallas, author of Neruda’s Memoirs: Poems.


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  1. suzanne schrader says


    its a beautiful day today
    rain is pouring down
    sky is dark and gray

    joy and love abound
    rain cannot wash away
    happiness that is found

    whatever comes along
    if trouble lies ahead
    have a happy song
    to take the place of dread

    we have a life to live
    to do the best we can
    to love, to help, to give
    all part of an unseen plan written by suzanne schrader

  2. says

    Monica, thank you. That one took me a looong time to write.

    Suzanne, thank you for contributing “Beautiful Day”; you make rhyming look easy.

    Nance, glad you were able to catch a few of those letters that “fly” and “flutter” and share the words here.

  3. Bruce says

    Forgetting you is impossible but that’s what I must do
    It’s better that I wait to say “I’ve fallen in love with you”.

    I have one basic firm belief, to myself I must be true
    But I forgot that you must also, when I fell in love with you.

    I know that you’re in love with Jess, on that I’ll place no strain
    I only want your happiness so my feelings, in check, remain.

    I am moved when I am close to you, how could I not be?
    You’re a true friend and you’re beautiful, the perfect woman for me.

    I don’t know if I’ll say this, if we should ever part
    But if I do, just know that you, forever have my heart.

  4. Anne Overstreet says

    Her paper tablet harnessed loose, / she plucks her language branch / till bare … Oh, I wish I’d written that!


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