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Poetry Humor: The Poet—Inspired at Last


Poetry Humor: What if inspiration struck, and this happened to you? Our poor Poet never seems to find his sweet spot.

Poetry Humor The Poet Inspiration by Sara Barkat

The Poet Comic, by Sara Barkat, age 15.

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  1. You would cry too…

    Except I’m not crying. I’m so glad to see you today, Poet.

  2. Glynn says:

    I can tell your cartoonist spent a hard day’s night, working in the coal mine, back of the neck getting dirty and gritty, but that she is definitely the leader of the pack.

  3. So many ways to find inspiration. :) So glad to see another.

    (Hey, that second-to-last frame—I look and sound like that sometimes.)

  4. L. L. Barkat says:

    Sara, honey. Just so you know. Yes, I have been plagued all day by these annoying songs :) Good thing I haven’t been trying to write poetry ;-)

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