1. says

    Is it the thin kind or the thicker stuff that’s like tape? Is it tensile? And brand. . . is it “green” – that is, does it come from a certain Burt or maybe Tom in Maine?

  2. says

    Actually, I have to credit Jennifer Lee for that one. She linked Dan King interview in another conversation recently where string cheese — I mean string theory — made an appearance.

    (And, for real, I typed string cheese. I noticed and decided not to cover my slip.)

  3. L. L. Barkat says

    Love it. You may be interested to know that I had a cheese crown when I worked with that Team. I believe it was bestowed by Dan King. Kind of went nicely with the title Laura Boggess gave me… Spam Queen.

    Hmmm. I need some new food-royalty monikers that are more sophisticated. Or at least a little healthier :)

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