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Daily Dose: Mental Hygiene


Are You Flossing?

Drawing on Skitch, accessed through Evernote, by Lyla Willingham Lindquist.

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  1. Lyla, what will you do next?

  2. L. L. Barkat says:

    Is that mint floss? Because if it is, I’m more likely to go ahead and use it.

  3. Is it the thin kind or the thicker stuff that’s like tape? Is it tensile? And brand. . . is it “green” – that is, does it come from a certain Burt or maybe Tom in Maine?

  4. L. L. Barkat says:

    If it’s tensile, will that improve my grammar? ;-)

  5. Megan, help me. I’m in too deep… Throw me a line of dental floss…

  6. Sometimes one simply needs to call the dentist. :)

  7. Ouch, that looks painful. :) But, anything to get rid of the plaque and avoid cavities & halitosis.

  8. laura says:

    OH! MY! This is just…perfect. Grinning ear to ear here. Sure is good medicine.

  9. Good for writers and poets as it produces a new line of thought.
    Actually, this is how the string theory was thought up.

  10. I’ve heard L.L. has some things to say about string theory…

  11. L. L. Barkat says:

    Ha! You’ve got a memory like a steel trap, Lyla. How do you get it open for cleaning day? ;-)

  12. Actually, I have to credit Jennifer Lee for that one. She linked Dan King interview in another conversation recently where string cheese — I mean string theory — made an appearance.

    (And, for real, I typed string cheese. I noticed and decided not to cover my slip.)

  13. L. L. Barkat says:

    Love it. You may be interested to know that I had a cheese crown when I worked with that Team. I believe it was bestowed by Dan King. Kind of went nicely with the title Laura Boggess gave me… Spam Queen.

    Hmmm. I need some new food-royalty monikers that are more sophisticated. Or at least a little healthier :)

  14. Lyla, it was appropriate that you didn’t delete the “cheese” in a comment that mentioned Jennifer. You know her and her old-fashioned typewriter. :)

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