Image-ine: Roses

A present for you

Can you find a poem in this photo? If I were to find one, it might be in those hands, the blue shadows, or the three roses.

Share your poems with us here in the comment box, so we can celebrate each other’s words.

(Also, did you know? Our May theme here at Tweetspeak and Every Day Poems will be Roses. Some of the poems may surprise you!)

Photo by Zahira. Creative Commons, via Flickr.

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  1. says

    I did it over at FB. I get so dern confused with all these techno hoola-hoops. These boots were made for walking (and stomping), not necessarily jumping.

    Good night, Gertrude.

  2. L. L. Barkat says

    Do you know how long it took me
    to see the empty space
    and make my heart plant roses
    (vulnerable, so vulnerable)
    in its place? Have you any idea, any sense
    what it means, that I have plucked these,
    red for you, and brought them
    into view?

  3. says

    Our first home,
    Four bushes you planted, a present
    for my birthday.
    I cried knowing that clay was so unyielding.
    The first year the deer ate every bud,
    Who knew the bed of roses was on the deer highway.
    The second year some beetle from Japan,
    Not only ate every bud, but left just a few leaves,
    The third year only one bush remained, and see,
    A celebration for each year of survival.

  4. MICHAEL says

    Passion as red as roses, blossoming with desire
    petals, delicately folding in a humble charade so dire,
    blushing with scarlets so boldly, a lover grasps thorns of bleeding fire
    drawn away insanely by velvet crimson attire…Michael


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