Image-ine: Ylenia Mino

Yellow Bird by Ylenia Mino

Delicato come un fiore… Colorato come la gioia… Profumato come la primavera… il canto dell’usignolo accompagna il profumo della vita… L’amore è il profumo della vita*

No Tear Yet Blooms

Winter’s lifeline cut,
spring lets loose

its unseen shaman.
This Philomela, her body

sun-kissed and delicate
of bone, conjures no night

-colored song to rob
the joy of a morning long

in reverie. No tear yet blooms
in the nightingale’s eye.

Love distills her fragrance
only when the petals fall.


*Italian translation: Delicate like a flower…Colored like joy…Fragrant like Spring…the song of the nightingale is the fragrance of life…The fragrance of life is Love

Painting and Italian post by Ylenia Mino. English poem by Maureen Doallas. Visit Ylenia Mino on Facebook and Maureen Doallas at Writing Without Paper


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  1. L. L. Barkat says

    Thank *you* for responding, Maureen. :)

    I loved this especially….

    “This Philomela, her body

    sun-kissed and delicate
    of bone”

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