Poetry Humor: The Poet—Writing Again

Poetry Humor: The poet writes again. Um, sort of.

Poetry Humor The Poet Writing Again by Sara Barkat

Comic by Sara Barkat, age 14.

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  1. says

    Sara, you know, if you use Pig Latin, the lines will always, always rhyme. It’s guaranteed.

    And the blank paper? I’m trying that for my post for next week. I think it will save me a lot of time on the first draft.

    Thanks for coming back to the comic frames. I’ve missed you. 😉

  2. L. L. Barkat says

    Ha! :)

    She is far more reserved and terribly cute, as her facial expression is a signature part of the laugh.

  3. says

    Since my husband is an inventor, I would really appreciate a poem about the inventor of dental floss!

    This one reminds me of the time I went away for a weekend writing retreat. One morning went well (about 4 hours). In a little high, I went back at it after a lunch break…and WASTED the next four hours. Literally a blank page. I could’ve used this comic then, because a sense of humor (like in the last frame) always comes in handy for me (whose sense of humor is lacking, especially in frustrating and disappointing times).

  4. says

    Inquiring (poetic) minds want to know:

    Do birds tweet only after using dental floss?
    Will the wax on the floss allow birds to pick their words more carefully?
    From which tree(s) will birds get the best rhymes? How high do they have to be?
    Who broke the record for most lines of Pig Latin on a blank page?
    What do I have to promise to get an interview with a floss-using bird that waxes poetic on Twitter?
    If Michel Martin at Tell Me More won’t accept a ride in a pink caddy, will The Poet?

    Love these comic frames!!


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