Rumors of Water Book Club

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Join the thoughtful and amusing Lyla Lindquist for a book club discussion of Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing, beginning Wednesday, April 4th.

First discussion will address Section One. See you there :)

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Photo by Claire Burge. Used with permission.


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    Thanks, Patricia, Darlene. I’m looking forward to it too, especially since Lyla is leading it! :)

    Tony, just read Section 1 before Wednesday. If you want to post about it and link back here, we’d love that. Then you can add your link here in the comment box, so others can see it and read your thoughts too. And we’ll also just discuss Lyla’s post here in the comment box. Hope that helps :)

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    I just re-read Rumors this week (was in need of creative inspiration!), so I am definitely going to participate in this discussion. Looking forward to it — thanks, Lyla (and LL!).

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