Writing Prompt: Red #9

Every Day Poems: Red #9

I don’t know what it is about a fairy tale that makes for so much fun in a poem. But it really works, especially in the hands of a terrific poet—which Anne Overstreet is. I’m so glad I happened to have dinner with Anne at a writer’s retreat, and learn that she was a poet. The rest, as they say, is history. A little bread, a little butter… sometimes leads to a little book.

Read the whole poem, Red #9, by Anne M. Doe Overstreet.


Try a fairy tale poem of your own today?

Post by L.L. Barkat, author of Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing


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  1. says

    I wrote two poems
    They don’t really
    fit the norm of a fairy
    or is it
    tail? But they
    have photos
    pink dots
    and honey,
    they got

    Blessings. And happy fairytale day to you.

  2. L. L. Barkat says

    How fun, Darlene! Happy Fairytale day to you too. (I love that you made a day of it.)

    I mentioned over at Laura’s place, btw, that you should Photoshop those two images together and use it as your entry! Are you on Facebook? Or would you need to drop an Entry link here?

  3. says

    Miss L.L. –

    I am not on Fb and I no longer have access to my Photoshop program so I’ve got a conundrum on my hands. (Don’t ya love that c-word?) Anyway, I could have my people talk to my other people and see what can be meshed out. Smashed together. Whatever! 😉


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