What’s a Poem Worth?

Lindt on Wood Table

I stood up and accidentally bumped the next lady in line. I’d been down on my knees with my phone camera, looking up at Lindt chocolates and their 99¢ sign. “Um,” I said, “I was taking a picture of the chocolates. It made me think of a project.”

She laughed, obviously not one of those road-rage types, and I turned to the cashier, trying to use my library card as a credit card. Well, you know, when you get an idea that involves questions of chocolate, poetry, and worth, you get a little distracted.

The idea was so simple (and it involved chocolate, at least for me), that I couldn’t resist:

What can you find for 99¢? Take a picture of it and share it in a blog post or on Facebook. If you want to write a poem about it, go ahead. If you want to just eat the evidence (minus the receipt and the photo, of course), that’s also permissible. Okay, and if you find nuts and bolts for 99¢, you might not want to eat those. (However, if you do, we REALLY want a poem about the experience ;-))

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Here’s mine :)


It must have been destiny,
the way you were red
and just short of a dollar,
the way you were sitting
foiled and cool,
racked and wrapped
under florescence—
waiting sweet for me.

Post by L.L. Barkat. Visit L.L. at Seedlings in Stone, for more on writing, poetry, art and life. This post is also being shared with One Stop Poetry.

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  1. says

    Curious about what’s in Lindt truffles, I found an entire page of FAQs on Lindt chocolates, which come in a rainbow of wrappers to denote flavors. There are baking tips and recipe conversions and tips for using your 5 senses to refine the art of chocolate tasting. Who knew?!

  2. says

    Chocolate I don’t eat
    But some for $0.99 cents would be a feat
    Especailly this day in age
    I like the one shot you left wrote on your ummm page..lol

  3. says

    I had a moment ill defined when a craving came over me,
    A sugar lump or sweet small drink ,for sure a tasty treat.
    I traveled swiftly into my domain of hidden delights and found,
    that none of those existed there, my face turned upside down :(

  4. says

    Lindt chocolates rock! (Gimme a dark Chili bar, please!)

    Interesting project. I’ll have to see what I can come up with for 99¢

    (A far as poems go, they’re priceless… which is why all mine are free!)

  5. says

    Would you believe my boys got me a package of those very Lindts for Mother’s Day? I’d never had them before. They are so…melt-in-you-mouth-wonderful. And hard to stop eating.

  6. says

    The finest silk from the Asian trades,
    Or the diamond from the deepest mine.
    Can keep me from this Swiss delight,
    For me it is near divine.
    With foil around the smoothed ball of joy,
    That has claimed its fame by taste.
    I suppose I am just a chocolate fool,
    With a chocolate life to waste.
    Forgive me this, my only device, my pleasures are so few,
    Lest’ we forget the Latte Squares and the Tondentes’ tube.
    I could parse the value most of all the sweets at hand
    But why spend the time ,the vote is in, its “Lindt” from Switzerland


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