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How to Write a Poem 283 high

How to Write a Poem: Based on the Billy Collins Poem “Introduction to Poetry,” by poet and NEA fellow Tania Runyan

Is it possible to teach someone how to write a poem? Or does poetry simply “come from the heart” or from a special talent only some can ever hope to have? Of course there’s no formula for writing an amazing poem. If poems came with instructions like IKEA® coffee tables, we’d all be missing the point.

But this book will give you some strategies—some tools, if you will—to assemble your personal, imaginative raw materials into poems that will surprise and intrigue. These strategies are focused primarily on free verse, yet many of the concepts can also be applied to form poetry, at both the inception and revision stages.

How to Write a Poem uses images like the buzz, the switch, the wave—from the Billy Collins poem “Introduction to Poetry”—to guide writers into new ways of writing poems. Excellent teaching tool. Anthology and prompts included.

What Readers Are Saying

“For years I’ve searched for a poetry-writing text that provides enough substance without the inevitable overload of content I’ll never cover. Now my search is complete. The companion to her insightful and accessible How to Read a Poem (and written in the same inviting tone), Tania Runyan’s How to Write a Poem contains three essential elements I’ve yet to find in one poetry-writing text: generous and informed instruction, dozens of compelling example poems, and rich and plentiful exercises that avoid tricks and gimmicks. Any poetry-writing teacher would do well to assign this text. Any writer would do well to draft and revise poems based upon these prompts.”

—Nathaniel L. Hansen; Assistant Professor of English & Creative Writing, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor; Director, Windhover Writers’ Festival

How To Write A Poem is a classroom must-have. Through a selection of evocative poetry and a series of accessible exercises, Runyan shows readers how to gather ideas, choose words, strengthen imagery and sound, and she models each of these skills as she writes alongside her readers. This is compassionate, beautiful writing that invites us into the world of poems.”

—Callie Feyen, Middle School Teacher, Maryland

ISBN: 978-1943120123

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DM-O Poems Cover Front

O: Love Poems from the Ozarks

Rooted in the Ozarks, rushed with language that wakens and intrigues, red with passion or perspective, these poems will call you back—to the bedroom, to friendship, to love, to your own geography.

About the Author

Dave Malone is currently writing the history of Ottawa University Kansas, his alma mater. An editor and filmmaker, his work has been aired on NPR and featured in numerous journals and publications, including Every Day Poems, San Pedro River Review, and Elder Mountain: A Journal of Ozark Studies. This is his sixth volume of poetry.

ISBN: 978-0989854269
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kc-on being a writer cover outlined 300 high

On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts

Is your writing life all it can be?

Let this book act as your personal coach, to explore the writing life you already have and the writing life you wish for, and close the gap between the two. Gain insights through helpful stories from the authors’ established writing careers. Explore twelve simple (but vital) habits—through journaling, writing prompts, bonus activities, and discussion questions.

The honest and witty stories help build a vision for a satisfying, sustainable writing life, while the prompts and activities on the twelve vital habits will help you make that life a reality. Also includes extra resources like “tools for the writing life,” “recommended reading,” “Artist Dates,” “resources for writing a book proposal,” and “resources for launching a writers group.”

Sage, surprising, endlessly useful!

“A genial marriage of practice and theory. For writers new and seasoned. This book is a winner.”

—Philip Gulley, author of Front Porch Tales

On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits for a Writing Life that Lasts (Masters in Fine Living Series), print
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Love poems best love poetry books Love Etc

Love, Etc., by L.L. Barkat
ISBN 978-0989854238
$14.95 print/$9.99 Kindle/$9.99 Nook

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Love has many faces. From the sensual to the reflective, from the whimsical to the worrisome. Sometimes hard and sometimes so easy we feel we could lift off–straight to the clouds–love comes to us as friendships, romances, familial embraces.

Love, Etc. explores the mixed experiences of love, in language infused with Barkat’s signature sensual touch. Get ready to fall. In love with poems, words, and love.

How to Read a Poem by Tania Runyan

How to Read a Poem (Based on the Billy Collins poem “Introduction to Poetry”), by NEA fellow and published poet Tania Runyan.

The first in our new Field Guide Series—a series that tutors on practical matters of reading, writing, and writing-career development.

How to Read a Poem offers delightful advice on how to explore poetry for enjoyment and meaning. Uses images like the mouse, the hive, the switch (from the Billy Collins poem)—to guide readers into new ways of understanding poems. Excellent teaching tool. Anthology included.

ISBN-13: 978-09898542-2-1
Paperback $13.95/e-book, $9.99)
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GY-Poetry at Work- Cover 300

Poetry at Work, by Glynn Young. Foreword by Scott Edward Anderson. The first in our new Masters in Fine Living series.

The Masters in Fine Living Series is designed to help people live a whole life through the power of reading, writing, and just plain living. Look for titles with the tabs read, write, live, play, learn, or grow, and join a culture of individuals interested in living deeply, richly.

There is value in bring poetry to work and finding the poetry that’s already there. Publications like Harvard Business Review and FastCompany are starting to write about the power of poetry—noting poetry’s effectiveness in building creative leaders and problem solvers.

Yet there is no single source to guide those who are *at work* every day, with little direction for how to explore the power of poetry in the workplace.

Glynn Young’s Poetry at Work is that guide. From discussions about how poetry is built into the very fabric of work, to practical suggestions on how to be a poet at work, this is a book that meets a very real need.

Altogether—a landmark book that moves beyond David Whyte’s seminal book on poetry and the corporate world. More than just philosophy, this book brings the hope of practice and surprising discovery, the benefits of stress relief and increased accomplishment.

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Spin-Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree

Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree, by photographer and productivity expert Claire Burge. An illustrated edition.

Creativity is a process, not a product. You begin in places you don’t understand as beginnings. You circle around, gathering experiences and insights. Over time, you spin: a tale, a product, a satisfying life.

Sometimes your “outcome” is simple enjoyment of the process itself. Sometimes it is the realization of a dream or the building of a business. You decide. Or the structure of your life decides.

In Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree, you’ll get inside the process of a productivity expert who understands both the mysterious and technical natures of creativity. Lively memoir reveals the mystery, while numerous exercises and helpful lists like “12 Ways of Capturing Creativity on the Go” and “How to Break Down a Large Creative Idea” make creativity something you can decide to structure for specific outcomes.

Filled with surprising, thoughtful, often amusing stories, and illustrated from journal-sized cover to cover, Spin will delightfully give you what you need—to take your creativity to the nth degree.

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Spin—An Illustrated Print Edition, Journal Sized. $12.95, Amazon.
Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree (Semi-Illustrated Edition). $9.99
Spin—non-illustrated edition on NOOK. $9.99

Sun Shine Down Cover

ISBN 978-0-9898542-0-7, softcover, $15.00.
E-book $9.99.
Sun Shine Down: A Memoir, by Gillian Marchenko. Available now on Amazon
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What if? What if you dreamed of having a beautiful child and in your mind you saw the life you’d share with that child. First steps, little league (or ballet). Maybe the child would play piano or make you proud on the Honor Roll. There’d be eventual graduations, college, even marriage and grandchildren. You might dream it out that far. Or not. Every parent has hopes. No parents wish for pain—their own, or a child’s.

Then you had a premature delivery in a foreign country. And the words swirling around you said a different kind of “what if.” What if something was wrong? The dream was at risk—or so it seemed. Would you be ready for that? Could you make peace? Or would it take you down?

These are the questions author Gillian Marchenko faced as she woke up after an emergency C-section in Ukraine. Only her newborn child could answer them, in time. But first she had to find a way to hear more than the words “Down syndrome.”

Sun Shine Down. A literary memoir. More about the book and author. Read an excerpt.

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Booked Cover 1

Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me, by Karen Swallow Prior

ISBN 978-0692014547, softcover, $15.00

A life of books. A life of soul. Karen Swallow Prior poignantly and humorously weaves the two, until it’s hard to tell one life from the other.

Booked draws on classics like Great Expectations, delights such as Charlotte’s Web, the poetry of Hopkins and Donne, and more.

This thoughtful, straight-up memoir will be pure pleasure for book-lovers, teachers, and anyone who has struggled to find a way to articulate the inexpressible through a love of story.


Read an interview with Karen at The Rumpus
More on Booked and Karen Swallow Prior

The Novelist by L.L. Barkat

ISBN: 978-0984553198 $15.00 paperback. Available through Ingram, Amazon, B&N Nook. Press release here.

The Novelist. A novella by L.L. Barkat.

Follow copywriter and poet, Laura, as she tries to figure out how to write a novel to meet Megan Willow’s challenge: a book by September.

Megan has a thriving tea business and does everything in a big way. To her, the idea of writing a novel in a matter of months is beyond simple. All you need is the will, and you’ll find the way.

Laura delves into her own past, as she tries to bring a novel into the present. To tutor her efforts, she culls wisdom and hope from greats such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Mary Shelley, and medieval story-weaver Murasaki (whose real name has been lost to history, because she was a woman).

Can Laura write a novel by September? She might not even make a cup of tea by midnight. So who’s to say.


To state the pleasurable, Barkat is a damn fine writer. Her prose is elegant without becoming stuffy, plus the poetry included within the text is astonishing in its range and individuality of styles. Truly, this is the kind of tour from which springs de force.

—Hubert O’Hearn, former editor Herald de Paris, Contributing Editor San Francisco Book Review

The Novelist is a pleasurable escape into the known and unknown world of Laura’s inner journey. Barkat’s ability to weave poetry into prose makes it impossible not to sink into her beautiful writing. It’s one of those rare books you’ll finish but leave on the nightstand.

—Darrelyn Saloom, co-author of My Call to the Ring: A Memoir of A Girl Who Yearns to Box

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A 3-Time Oprah Reading List Pick!


“A powerful saga of love and survival.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) • ISBN-13: 978-0-9845531-7-4, $14.95, softcover • copies available now at Ingram. Also Available Now on Amazon

Visit the author, Deborah Henry.

Words about The Whipping Club

“The prose of The Whipping Club is gripping, and almost poetic in its emotional depth, while the research is concise and accurate, and the story haunting…The Whipping Club holds the promise of a long and meaningful career for Deborah Henry as a serious writer. Bravo!”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Set in 1960′s Ireland, Henry’s riveting debut novel explores the far-reaching effects of a single decision.”

Publishers Weekly

“Deborah Henry’s eloquent, magnificently designed novel . . . A story that will draw out every straw of emotion in your soul. This is the best novel I have read in three years.”

Herald de Paris

“Henry weaves multilayered themes of prejudice, corruption and redemption with an authentic voice and swift, seamless dialogue. Her prose is engaging, and light poetic touches add immediacy. Echoing the painful lessons of the Jewish Holocaust, Henry’s tale reveals what happens when good people remain silent. A powerful saga of love and survival.”

Kirkus, starred review

Rumors of Water Book Cover

NAMED A BEST BOOK OF 2011, Englewood Review of Books & Hearts and Minds Books

ISBN-13: 978-0984553167, $15.00 softcover • copies available now at Ingram, or with deeper discounts than Ingram is setting—through T. S. Poetry Press (contact us for ordering information). Also Available Now on Amazon

An Annie Dillard-style writing book that follows the writer’s life as much as her philosophy about creativity and writing.

Aspiring and accomplished writers will find a place to breathe, in both the memoir-stories and tips that seamlessly address major aspects of creative life—from inspiration to individual voice; from helpful habits, networking and publishing, to reasons we create and write.

Says the first chapter, “There are so many things standing in my way this morning, I can hardly begin. Yet I’ve heard there are rumors of water. Maybe that is enough.” And apparently it is.

Words About Rumors of Water

A few brave writers pull back the curtain to show us their creative process. Annie Dillard did this. So did Hemingway. Now L.L. Barkat has given us a thoroughly modern analysis of writing. Practical, yes, but also a gentle uncovering of the art of being a writer.

—Gordon Atkinson, author of Turtles All the Way Down

The real beauty of this book is the truth it teaches slant: good and beautiful and honest writing comes from a life that pursues the same. This is not just a book about writing well, it’s a book about living well.

—Leslie Leyland Fields, author of Surviving the Island of Grace and The Spirit of Food, and columnist for Christianity Today

Delicate Machinery Cover

Available at Amazon

Delicate Machinery Suspended. Poetry by Anne M. Doe Overstreet. Anne has been published in Asheville Poetry Review (for which she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize) and Nimrod (pending). Her work has also appeared in Talking River Review, DMQ Review, and the Mendon-Honeoye Sentinel. She spends her time in the Seattle area as a freelance editor and runs a small gardening business.

Words About Delicate Machinery Suspended

To love well is to offer one’s full attention. To serve others is often a matter of drawing their attention to the beauties—broken, wounded, suggestive, profound—that visit us endlessly. Ann Overstreet loves well, and she serves well; she is the witness of the dawn, and of our desired awakening.

— Scott Cairns, author of Compass of Affection

These poems shimmer with gossamer lightness but also possess the strength and sinews of hard-won wisdom and what Henry James called felt life.

— Gregory Wolfe, Editor at Image Journal and author of Beauty Will Save the World

Neruda’s Memoirs, at Amazon

A new poetry collection from Maureen Doallas of Writing Without Paper. Doallas is a features writer, editor, and poet. She also owns an art-licensing business, Transformational Threads.

Contingency Plans Cover Online

Contingency Plans. David K. Wheeler is a musician, essayist, and poet. He has an album called There, There and his writing has appeared at TheHighCalling.org, BurnsideWriters Collective, and in The Pacific Northwest Reader, an essay collection from Harper/Delphinium. David lives in Seattle, Washington. You can find him at DaveWritesRight or follow him on Twitter @daviewheeler

View full catalog description.

Barbies New Cover

Barbies at Communion. Marcus Goodyear is Senior Editor of TheHighCalling.org and poetry columnist for Books and Culture. You can find him at GoodWordEditing or follow him on twitter @mdgoodyear

Words about Barbies at Communion

Marcus Goodyear’s poems are portable, easily carried in the mind, tightly compressed and deceptively simple, like a capacious tent folded into a package you can tuck in your backpack.

— John Wilson, Editor, Books & Culture

A new zip-lock bag for Christian poetry holding gustiness and bravado.

— Diane Glancy, author The Reason for Crows

From Barbies to tea bags and credit cards, from broken pipes to communion wafers and mowing dead grass, Marcus Goodyear moves us through our world. His juxtapositions of the conventionally sacred and profane reveal to us the falsness of our conventions. Where the vision is large, all is sacred.

— John Leax, author Tabloid News