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Every day we work. Every day we could use a little poetry at work. Here are 6 ways to get you started…

1 • Get into the game

Open the door just a little. Meet up with inspiring articles, Poetry Prompts, and more. Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter, Saturday delivery.

2 • Buy a year of happy work mornings

Start your day happy and focused, by reading a poem a day. Inbox delivery, Monday through Friday. Buy now, just $5.99 a year.

3 • Start a workplace initiative

— Need to convince someone (or yourself) that a workplace poetry initiative is good for business? Check out these articles on the vibrant connection between poetry and work

— Buy a bulk subscription of our happy mornings publication, Every Day Poems. Great for use in on-site groups or to inspire or gift your entire staff

(After purchase, please send us the list of emails for those you paid to subscribe. Send to editor@tspoetry.com. Subscriptions will begin 1-3 business days after we receive your email list)

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Other (contact us for a custom purchase form, at editor@tspoetry.com)

4 • Bribe your inner writer

What do you do at lunchtime, on the train, after getting home from work? Is there a John Grisham or a Wallace Stevens lurking in you? Why not bribe your inner writer to come out, with one of our excellent writing resources:

Inspired: 8 Ways to Write Poems You Can Love
Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing (twice named a Best Book of 2011)
The Novelist (for all writers, but especially fiction hopefuls)

5 • Celebrate Poetry at Work Day

Consider gifting these to the whole office for Poetry at Work Day, January 14, 2014. Or keep one to yourself on your desk…

Poetry at Work Mugs

6 • Make it Simple to Stay Connected & Share

Make it easy to visit ongoing Poetry at Work articles and share them with your blog or website community. Take a badge, or two…

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How to Read a Poem by Tania Runyan

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