FAQ & Disclosure

Why should I choose to receive Every Day Poems?

Every Day Poems is unique among popular daily poetry subscriptions. In addition to fabulous poetry, both old and new, by established and emerging poets, we feature a beautiful photograph with each poem, as well as intriguing art in the sidebar.

With Every Day Poems, you open your inbox each weekday morning to an aesthetically enriching experience. It’s a beautiful way to start the day.

Buy a year of Every Day Poems today, just $5.99.

Still not convinced?

Every Day Poems also includes a monthly focus, perhaps an exploration of a form like sestinas, sonnets, or villanelles. Or we might dip into a theme like Resolutions, Resistance, or Roses.

For those who want to improve their writing craft, we include links to helpful articles about form and the poetic process. And for those who simply wish to live in the world of the day’s poem a little longer, we include links to reflections on the monthly theme.

Every Day Poems is one of the most powerful “fine living” tools at Tweetspeak Poetry. We hope you’ll subscribe and make your life richer, deeper.

Buy a year of Every Day Poems today, just $5.99.

When is the next twitter poetry party?

We usually host twitter parties on Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm EST; they happen about once a month. If you want to get regular notices about party dates and times, it’s a good idea to subscribe to Every Day Poems. You can choose to Subscribe Here.

How do the poetry parties work?

One of our editors will send prompts from our @tspoetry Twitter account. These prompts will appear at our TweetChat Room. Login to Tweetchat and submit lines of poetry inspired by the prompts as they come. You can also watch the other tweeters and pull words to reweave into your own poem-tweets.

I’m on Twitter, too! Should I follow @tspoetry?

Yes. You can follow us here.

What is twitter?

Common Craft made a great video explaining Twitter in Plain English.

Can I Get Published by T. S. Poetry Press?

We publish only a few titles per year, and the process is very selective. For this reason, we do not accept solicitations or queries, but rather work through established networks to make our publishing decisions.

How Do I Submit My Poems, for Feature at Tweetspeak or in Every Day Poems?

We do not accept unsolicited poems. However, if you participate in our writing projects, sometimes we find a poem that’s a good fit and we feature it!

Do you use Affiliate Links?

Absolutely. It’s just one of the ways we fund the fun here at Tweetspeak Poetry. So glad you asked. (Want more specifics? Disclosure statement here.)