Image-ine: Red Shoes


A girl can dream of stepping out on the High Road, a flame in heels that’ll steel no beau’s heart. What laces each ankle in place she’ll turn to take his fancy and he, blood pressure rising, will let her lead and whirl. “Red Shoes,” acrylic on board, by Nicola Slattery. Used with permission. © […]

IMAGE-INE: Ireland Up Close

Baby by Kelly Sauer

When my daughter was born, she came alive into the world with only one tiny cry of surprise. Her little black eyes blinked. She saw nothing – but she saw everything that was important: she was loved; Mama was here; she was a person. I saw for her; I saw her; I learned at twenty-five […]

Image-ine: Cerulean

Cerulean by Michelle Rummel

  She Breathes Cerulean Aquarelle runs deep within the lines of her. She breathes cerulean. . . Floating transparent, in the tides of time.   “She Breathes Cerulean”, original watercolor and poem by Michelle “Shell” Rummel. © Shell Rummel, of Shell Artistree. Designs and collections: Shell Rummel Fine Art & Licensing.     ___________ Try […]

Image-ine: Walking Rain

Walking+Rain by Randall David Tipton

Walking Rain It has no legs but the rain is walking the space the White Cloud travels. Earth’s bronzed hard hand welcomes Neomonni’s turned-down lip. Where parched mountain mouths grow stiff with waiting, thirsty bones wrinkle, rattling the distant hills’ enchantment beyond the Trail of Tears.   “Walking Rain”, watermedia on paper by Randall David […]